Hello, I'm Jeff Puccini.
'm a self-taught artist. I suppose you could call me
an, "Eclectic Realist". I don't care for the term
much, but I reckon it best describes my body of
work as it currently stands. At a very young age, I
developed a strong interest in creating works of
Surrealism. It was apparent to me at the onset that
a mastery of realism would set me on the road to
creating the sort of surrealist works I dreamed of.
My pursuit of realism led me to a deep
appreciation of Photo-realism.

I'm currently living and working in Youngstown,
Ohio where my work can often be seen at local Art
establishments, and occasionally group and solo
exhibitions. Have a look in my virtual gallery, I
hope you'll enjoy what you see.
The Art of Jeffrey Puccini

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