A Word About Purchasing Art on
Like the art skills I have gathered, my web design skills are self-taught. I think I've done
well, and am proud of my website, in it's appearance, and functionality. My only regret is not
finding the time to keep it as updated as I like. Such is life. If you choose to purchase art
online from this site, please do so with my utmost assurance in a safe, secure, and reliable
transaction through Paypal. Most people are at least familiar with Paypal, and it's reputation
for secure online transactions. If you are like many people, you have an existing paypal
account, and have used it for your online transactions. Pressing a Paypal button on my site will
open in a new window, an invoice on the Paypal site, where you will be asked to either sign in,
or pay with a credit card. If you do not have a Paypal account, and would like to pay with a
credit card, do so with confidence in the fact that your transaction is taking place over a
secured connection. Some folks just aren't going to punch their numbers into a computer no
matter what, and I don't hold that against them. Anyone can always email me at
webmaster@puccini-art.com, or telephone me at (330) 501-1846, or write me at:
P.O. Box 3251
Boardman, Ohio, U.S.A.
to discuss alternate methods of payment. Should you choose, you may send a check or money
order, and I will ship your purchase with in ten days of your cleared payment.
Even if you don't make a purchase, I hope you'll enjoy Puccini-Art, and Please tell a friend!

While I try to stay ahead on the techno-curve, I have discovered that my Paypal  buttons
don't function well with all internet browsers. I have configured them for internet explorer,
they seem to work on aol, and some yes and no on mozzilla firefox. If you have any troubles,
shoot me an email!

Jeffrey Puccini